Valorization and Reuse of Materials for the Circular Economy


Valorization and Reuse of Materials for the Circular Economy


The construction and infrastructure sector annually produces 260 tons of non-dangerous waste, being 70% of the waste generated in France. The recycling of this waste is at the heart of national and European legislation and more particularly the objectives set by the Directive 2008/98 / EC on waste, and the energy transition law for green growth of August 2015. The reuse of waste is fully in line with the concepts of the circular economy linked to sustainable development and the preservation of the environment. The application of the circular economy principals for the good management of waste allows the maintenance of secondary resources in the production circuit and the preservation of primary natural resources. As part of this event, international researchers and engineers come together to present innovative and economic case studies focusing on the main challenges and opportunities in the cycle of recycling, recovery and reuse of waste in the field of Construction.

Valorisation et Réemploi des Matériaux pour l’Économie Circulaire


Le secteur du BTP produit annuellement 260 tonnes de déchet, rarement nocifs, soit 70% des déchets générés en France tous secteurs confondus. Le recyclage des déchets du BTP est au cœur de la réglementation nationale et européenne. L’ensemble des professionnels du secteur du BTP visent à atteindre   les objectifs fixés par la Directive-cadre Déchets 2008/98/CE et la loi de transition énergétique pour la croissance verte d'août 2015 et ambitionnent de répondre aux concepts de l’économie circulaire liés au développement durable et à la préservation de l’environnement. L’application des principes de l’économie circulaire pour la bonne gestion des déchets permet la maintenance des ressources secondaires dans le circuit de production et la préservation des ressources naturelles primaires. Dans le cadre de cette manifestation, des chercheurs et des ingénieurs internationaux se réunissent pour présenter des études de cas innovantes et économiques en se concentrant sur les principaux défis et opportunités dans le cycle de recyclage, de valorisation et de réutilisation des déchets dans le domaine du BTP.

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8h15-8h45 Reception 
8h45-9h00 Welcome note

GHORBEL Elhem, NOUALI Mohamed and QMICHOU Omar “On the use of excavated earth hemp mortars as thermal insulation materials” CY Cergy Paris University & TRACTEBEL, France
9h20-9H40 KHATIB Jamal “Potential use of waste and natural materials in structural elements” Beirut Arab University, Lebanon & University of Wolverhampton, UK
9H40-10h00 FERRARA Liberato “Thinking beyond a holistic cradle to cradle life cycle approach to sustainability of cement-based construction materials”, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
OMARY Safiullah, SERRES Nicolas, FEUGEAS Françoise “Life Cycle of Cementitious Materials : Environmental and Scientific Challenges” INSA Strasbourg, France
10h20-10h40 Discussion
10h40-11h00 Coffee break
11h00-11h20 MERTA Ildiko “Natural fibers from industrial waste as fibre reinforcement in cementitious composites” TU Wien, Austria
11h20-11h40 SILVA Pedro “Municipal solid waste bottom ash for concrete: solving a two-fold problem” Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, Portugal
11h40-12h00 KARRECH Ali “The recycling of delighted beta-spodumene into a geopolymer precursor “ University of Western, Australia
12h00-12h15 Discussion
12h15-13h30 Lunch break
ZAHARIEVA Roumiana “Sustainable approach in recycling of C&D waste into alternative binders.” University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia, Bulgaria
MARZOUK Oumaya, “Application of the innovation for the development of the circular economy for sustainable construction in the Mediterranean” CEREMA- France
14h10-14h30 GONZALEZ Belén “Different alternatives to increase sustainability of cement-based materials. “University of A coruña, Spain
14h30-14h50 ARDANUY Monica “The use of fibers from end-of-life clothes & Textile remnants as reinforcement for sustainable building materials” Universitat Politècnica, Catalunya, Spain
14h50-15h10 Discussion
15h10-15h30 Coffee break
15h30-15h50 DANSO Humphrey “Utilization of Rice Husk Waste As Reinforcement in Cement Mortar for Sustainable Construction” Akenten Appiah-Menka University, Ghana
15h50-16h10 TUNJI-OLAYENI Patience “Adoption and diffusion of bio-based building materials through active stakeholder engagement: a case of bio based supplementary cementitious materials” Covenant University-Nigeria
16h10-16h30 DAOUD Atef “Self-consolidating waste tire rubberized concrete for structural applications” University of Sfax, Tunisia
16h30-16h50 BERDER Mathilde “Principles of the circular economy and its application to Public Works”. ANBDD, Normandie, France
16h50-17h10 Discussion
17h10-17h30 Closing restitution